Making the Mac Pro valid in 2013

Nice article from Mike Griggs on upgrading the “long in the tooth” Mac Pro line. He has included links on DIY “Fusion” drives, running nVidia PC cards in Mountain Lion, and CUDA enabling.

Most interesting tidbit for me was…

“The other thing that needed an upgrade was the Graphics card, the ATI 5770 which comes with the Mac Pro, is just rubbish, and the upgrade options that Apple offers are just as bad. The graphic card issues have become especially galling since CUDA came along on the Nvidia platform, which apps like After Effects etc, love. But here’s a thing, (thanks to Tim from Plastic Pictures for putting me onto this) you can install stock PC Nvidia Gaming Cards into a Mac Pro, as long as your running at least Lion and have installed the necessary Nvidia Driver. If you want CUDA, you can install the CUDA drivers, and with another quick bit of terminal magic make After Effects and Premiere use your Nvidia Card for CUDA acceleration.”


According to tonymacx86, it appears that new nVidia drivers are included with the Mac OSX 10.8.3 update. “New Kepler 6xx fully supported cards: GTX 650 Ti, GTX 660”

tonymacx86 10.8.3 features

How To Enable GPU Cuda in Adobe CS6 for Mac

Found this quick video tutorial on how to enable GPU Cuda in Adobe CS6 for Mac. Pretty much comes down to editing a .txt file that list the supported cards.